Litigation Services

One Stop Litigation Services (OSLS) has both a local presence and national reach. This is because we are able to partner with companies nationally as well as globally through Litforce. We monitor and control our costs on a national basis to guarantee you the most competitive market pricing.

Your call will never go to a call center; our phones are forwarded to an on-call account manager after hours. We guarentee that you will receive the best quality, as every project goes through a page for page quality check prior to delivery.

Once your project is at OSLS you can rest assured that we provide the best security. Our production area is not open to the public and is locked and secured 24/7. All of our employees sign a non-disclosure confidentially agreement and our copy waste is saved for 30 days and then destroyed to insure there is no way to lose an original document. Our facility has 9 closed circuit cameras throughout to ensure the highest level of security.

Here are some of our most popular litigation services:

Litigation Copying & Scanning

Small and large document production. Projects may include heavy staples, clips, file folders, binders, redwelds, bound books and multiple page sizes. Complete document reproduction/imaging page for page with quality control to ensure accuracy on every job.

Black & White & Full Color Copying

Color and Black &White copying or printing include reproducing any text or photos, drawings, presentations or digital media. OSLS has the latest software and equipment to accommodate your color and black & white document needs.


OSLS can help you with you brief and appendices. Everything from printing, copying, binding and mailing. We’ll even deliver to the Clerk’s Office.

Trial Exhibit Boards

Trail exhibit boards provide the ability for the board to remain visible in the courtroom over an extended period of time. This allows jurors to continuously view and reference the board during attorney presentations. OSLS offers high quality trial boards, mounted on foam board varying in size and available in color or B/W.

Large Format Color & B/W

In addition to trial exhibit/presentation boards for court or personal functions. We also have the capabilities to copy or print architectural and engineering drawings. From color to black and white, we can create any type of sign, banner or drawing you may need.


OSLS has skilled staff who are dedicated to legal coding, have a thorough understanding of legal terminology and documentation and are able to review documents, and locate specification requirements both efficiently and accurately. OSLS also offers an offshore coding option.

Load File Creation

Using LAW software OSLS can create a load file for virtually any platform. Most common are Summation, Trial Director and Condordance.

Native File Conversion

OSLS can take your native files and convert them into a TIFF or PDF.Each document can be reviewed in its native format (e.g. Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.) without altering the documents’ extracted information.

Digital Bates Numbering

Consists of numbering documents that need to be tracked by means of ink stamping, labeling with Avery labels or electronically.

CD/DVD/X-Ray Duplication

Our duplication service is easy and convenient. If you need a quick copy for your client or multiple copies, we can duplicate almost any media.

X-Ray Scanning

OSLS provides attorneys, insurance companies, medical facilities and individuals with a full spectrum of digital x-ray copying, scanning and film printing services.

Audio & Video Duplication

We can duplicate all your audio and video media using the latest in audio and video technology.


E-discovery is the process in which electronic data is sought, located, secured, and searched with the intent of using it as evidence in a civil or criminal legal case. E-discovery can be carried out offline on a particular computer or it can be done in a network. In the process of e-discovery, data of all types can serve as evidence. This can include text, images, calendar files, databases, spreadsheets, audio files, animation, web sites and computer programs. E-discovery is an evolving field that goes far beyond mere technology. Culling of electronic data has never been easier.